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Designed for Innovators

Product Development

Technical Designer

“Any issues with fit and construction can be identified before even sending off a sample, and our factory can give immediate feedback to determine the best way forward together.”


”It’s game-changing that I can make decisions about fabrics, sizing, and colorways with confidence, before samples are made."

Product Developer

“I can see everything I need in 3D. I can look at a garment and understand what fabrics are used, where, and how. No more deciphering notes on flat sketches from designers."


Pattern Maker

“When I make pattern changes in Author, I can see the results instantly. Previously, I would need to make a pattern and physically fit, pin, sew, and iterate to get it right. It’s a major upgrade to my workflow!”

Production Manager

”I can engineer my sewing line with all of the information in Author..”

Sales & Marketing


”I can easily plan assortments in advance, without long wait times for samples.”


“Generating product imagery for our store has never been easier.”

Digital Marketer

“Having access to accurate and beautiful digital garment visuals is so useful for a wide variety of our marketing initiatives.”