Digital apparel that’s
unmatched in accuracy 

Apparel construction in SEDDI Author is accurate down to the seam and stitch level. Our TrueSeams™ technology is trustworthy enough to make production decisions—without waiting for physical samples.

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Solid Digital Fabric Foundations

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Accurate Apparel Construction

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Reduced Physical Samples

The science that powers SEDDI Author’s physical and optical simulations of digital fabrics and apparel is unmatched in terms of research and innovation.

Accurate Digital Product Creation

True Digital Threads

Five years of R&D from industry experts and PhDs across physical, optical, and computer science has resulted in software with the most true-to-life simulation of apparel construction, seams, and stitches.


High-Speed, Sustainable, Iterative Design

Design, decorate, and iterate faster than you could ever dream. Accurate digital designs mean less physical samples, and more reliable final apparel products.


Trustworthy Digital Textiles

SEDDI Author’s fabrics come from solid digital fabric foundations. The platform provides users with apparel built with digital textiles created in SEDDI Textura, our groundbreaking fabric digitization platform.


Experience the power of the platform for yourself.

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